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Back in ’2010, it was just plain hard work and a passion for serving Customers that got us started. We still work very hard and have the same passion, but it takes a lot more than hard work and passion to satisfy Customers today. You see, as a company grows, it’s important to formalize the planning, processes, systems, training and communications; and to develop a great team of leaders throughout the organization. This is the hardest part of running a business and they don’t teach it much in business school.  Buy Dmt Online You Got Me Lyrics by A R Rahman ft. Nisa Shetty, Simetri, Protyay (Heat Sink), Jonathan & Pelenuo, Hriday Gattani and music of new song is also composed by A.R. Rahman whereas lyrics penned by Nirmika Singh and video is directed by Uma-Gaiti. Barsaat Ka Mausam Lyrics by Saaj Bhatt is latest Hindi song sung by Saaj Bhatt and this latest song is presenting Shoaib Ibrahim, Dipika Kakar Ibrahim. Barsaat Ke Mausam song lyrics are also written by Sanjeev Chaturvedi wh